Do you find that one of one or several of your fingers get caught or even stay in a bent position? If so, you may be suffering from a highly treatable condition known as trigger finger. Trigger finger is a result of inflammation and compression of the tendons that allow you to bend and extend your fingers. In some cases, conservative therapies such as splinting and anti-inflammatory medication can temporarily relieve the discomforting or painful symptoms of trigger finger.

However, if your symptoms remain unchanged or have worsened, it may be time to consider a simple outpatient procedure known as trigger finger release surgery. Since the function of our hands and fingers is integral to our daily lives, trigger finger surgery can help get you back to your normal activities symptom-free.

The Hand Surgery Center of Excellence of La Peer Health Systems offers a team of highly skilled Los Angeles hand surgeons dedicated to comprehensive and individualized treatment for trigger finger. Our surgeons utilize both conservative therapies and cutting-edge trigger finger surgery to ensure that each patient receives the best trigger finger treatment available.

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What Does Trigger Finger Surgery Involve?

Trigger finger surgery involves releasing the inflamed and compressed tendon so that it can glide freely through the finger again. Often performed under local anesthesia, this outpatient procedure usually provides immediate relief of symptoms.

During trigger finger surgery, our experienced hand surgeons make a one centimeter incision in the hand just below the base of the affected finger. The outer layer of the tendon that has become irritated and is causing the catching of the finger is carefully cut to release it from its restricted position. When the tendon naturally heals, it will have much more space to move freely through the finger joint.

Recovery from Trigger Finger Surgery

Although the outer sheath of the affected tendon is cut during trigger finger surgery, your tendon will function properly immediately after the procedure. In fact, our surgeons will test the flexion and extension of your finger during post-operative recovery to ensure that your trigger finger has been resolved.

During your recovery from trigger finger surgery, you will need to wear a splint over the finger for up to two weeks while the tendon fully heals. Based on the nature of your work or activity level, our doctors will develop an individualized recovery plan to ensure the best surgical outcome. In the hands of an experienced hand surgeon, this quick outpatient procedure has a very low risk of complications and rate of recurrence.

Contact an Expert Beverly Hills Hand Surgeon

If you are suffering from trigger finger that doesn’t seem to get better with more conservative treatments, a simple outpatient surgery can resolve the condition and provide long-term relief. The Hand Surgery Center of Excellence in Beverly Hills houses a team of renowned plastic & reconstructive and orthopedic surgeons specializing in hand surgery. Our surgeons are skilled in the most advanced minimally invasive techniques and offer comprehensive care for patients with a variety of hand conditions.

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