Trigger Finger Causes - Los Angeles Hand SurgeryTrigger finger occurs when either a finger or thumb gets stuck in the bent position. If a tendon sheath in your hand is compressed, finger movement can be restricted and cause trigger finger. It’s important to know the trigger finger causes because then you might be able to prevent or limit the symptoms. Left untreated, trigger finger symptoms can worsen as inflamed tissue becomes thickened and scarred (fibrosis). Therefore, it is critical that individuals experiencing signs of trigger finger consult a physician.

The Hand Surgery Center of Excellence offers expert physicians committed to providing comprehensive care for patients suffering various hand and wrist conditions, including trigger finger. For more information about your treatment options for trigger finger, contact our hand specialists in Los Angeles at (888) 529-1873.

Trigger Finger Causes

Trigger finger develops when the sheath surrounding and protecting a tendon in the affected finger becomes narrowed. The sheath around each tendon is lined with a substance called tenosynovium. The tenosynovium releases lubricating fluid that allows the tendon to glide smoothly within its sheath as you bend and straighten your fingers.

Trigger finger occurs from a relative narrowing of the sheath due to inflammation or overabundance of tenosynovium, restricting the tendon gliding motion. Constriction of the sheath can cause catching of the finger in a bent position. Repetitive hand motion, such as gripping, is the most common cause of trigger finger. Other health conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, may increase the risk of trigger finger or contribute to its development.

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How is Trigger Finger Diagnosed?

A diagnosis of trigger finger is based on a clinical history and physical. Physical examination of the hand and wrist helps a physician to determine the cause and extent of progression of trigger finger. During the exam, the doctor will ask you to open and close your hand while checking for the following signs:

  • Tenderness in the palm at the base of the finger
  • Grinding at the base of the finger in normal range of motion
  • Popping during flexion or extension of the finger
  • Inability to fully extend or flex the affected digit

If trigger finger is confirmed during a physical examination, there are numerous therapeutic options available depending on the severity of the condition. At the Hand Surgery Center of Excellence, our goal is to utilize state-of-the-art facilities and technology to provide effective, patient-centered treatment. Our surgeons are well-trained in both conservative and surgical treatment of trigger finger.

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If you end up being a candidate for trigger finger surgery, our outpatient surgical center (La Peer Health Systems) is one of the best in the country. After recent renovations, La Peer features cutting-edge surgical technology as well as a knowledgeable and friendly staff. If you have any questions about trigger finger or think you have been experiencing symptoms, contact our Los Angeles hand specialists by calling (888) 529-1873 or filling out our online contact form.

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