Recovery from Trigger Finger Surgery Los AngelesSince trigger finger release surgery is a very localized procedure performed on an outpatient basis, most patients recover fairly quickly with minimal discomfort. Most individuals have immediate relief of symptoms in their recovery from trigger finger surgery and regain full finger movement within several days after surgery.

Trigger finger release surgery at La Peer Health Systems’ Hand Surgery Center of Excellence is performed with patient comfort and satisfaction in mind. Our surgeons’ top priority is to provide personal care within a safe and controlled environment. The facilities at La Peer does not treat any sick patients, so the risk of infection is very low. Also, our hand surgeons were trained at some of the top medical schools and residency programs in the U.S.

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After the Procedure: Trigger Finger Release Surgery Recovery

Directly after surgery, patients may experience soreness or slight pain in the hand. The flexion and extension of the finger will be assessed to ensure that the tendon sheath has been adequately released. A splint is typically placed on the finger for several days while the tendon sheath heals, allowing the finger to regain full mobility. Most patients can engage in all of their normal activities after several weeks of recovery from trigger finger surgery.

Though rare, complications after trigger finger release surgery may include:

  • Tenderness, pain, or swelling at the site of incision
  • Incomplete extension of finger
  • Infection of incision

Persistent pain and soreness at the site of the incision is expected to resolve within six weeks after surgery. Placing minimal stress on the hand and finger can reduce post-surgery soreness and speed up recovery time. Patients who work in strenuous jobs generally stay out of work for at least a month, while those who perform light office work may return much sooner. Occasionally, hand therapy is required after surgery to regain better use. Hand therapy may involve dexterity training and soft tissue mobilization. Exercising the finger also helps to help prevent scar tissue from forming. Our team of experienced hand specialists will develop a specific recovery plan for you based on the extent of surgical intervention and your expected level of activity.

Recurrence of trigger finger following treatment at the Hand Surgery Center of Excellence is rare. Patients who undergo trigger finger release surgery can expect long-term relief of symptoms and restored mobility in the affected finger. Our surgeons’ unique combination of technical expertise and dedication to quality patient care produce better patient outcomes.

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