What Is Trigger Finger? Get Treated in Los AngelesTrigger finger is a condition in which a finger or thumb catches in a bent position. When you flex or extend your fingers, you are relying on a series of tendons connecting the muscles in the forearm to the bones in the fingers. To protect from the wear and tear of daily finger movements, lubricating sheaths surround the tendons. When the sheath of a tendon in your hand becomes compressed, it restricts the movement of the tendon and can cause trigger finger.

Individuals with health conditions that increase swelling or inflammation of the hand and wrist, such as arthritis, are at increased risk for developing trigger finger. Additionally, women are at a greater risk than men because of anatomically narrower tendon sheaths. Fortunately, trigger finger is a highly treatable condition.

The Hand Surgery Center of Excellence of La Peer Health Systems offers highly skilled hand surgeons utilizing non-surgical treatments and cutting-edge surgical procedures to achieve optimal relief for patients with trigger finger. Our goal is to provide patients with comprehensive and compassionate care for their trigger finger symptoms. In the hands of our highly experienced surgeons, you can rest assured you will receive the best trigger finger treatment available.

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Symptoms of Trigger Finger

Trigger finger develops with mild symptoms at first, such as soreness or stiffness in the affected finger. People with trigger finger usually experience the most severe symptoms in the morning. Trigger finger more commonly occurs in your dominant hand, and most often affects your thumb, middle, or ring finger. Any of the following symptoms may indicate trigger finger:

  • Soreness in the palm
  • Finger stiffness
  • Tenderness or a bump (nodule) at the base of the affected finger
  • Finger catching, with popping or clicking as the finger straightens
  • Finger locked in a bent or flexed position

More than one finger may be affected at a time, and both hands might be involved. Repeated irritation of the affected tendon during normal day-to-day activities can worsen trigger finger. Generally, trigger finger must be treated to provide long-term relief. The cause of trigger finger varies from patient to patient. At the Hand Surgery Center of Excellence, our surgeons are committed to providing unique, patient-centered care throughout the entire treatment process.

Trigger Finger Release Surgery

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