NBA player J.J. Redick, guard for the Los Angeles Clippers recently fractured his hand in a game against the Sacramento Kings. The original timetable for Redick’s return was 6-8 weeks, putting him at a mid-February return. But now the hand experts that are providing his treatment are saying they can have him back on the court as early as January 15th without the need for surgery. This NBA star is undeniably receiving medical treatment from some of the top hand surgeons in the country. If you’re suffering from a hand injury, thankfully this same level of care is available to you at the Hand Surgery Center of Excellence in Beverly Hills.

What is a Hand Fracture?

The hands are a very complex structure made up of many different bones that each contribute to the overall framework of the hand. The framework of the hand consists of connections between the various bones, tendons, and muscles to provide use and movement of the fingers and wrist. A hand fracture can occur when a high degree of outside force is applied to the hand, such as from a fall, sports contact, or twisting injury. The term fracture is synonymous with “break”, and can occur in either the finger bones or the long hand bones.

What are the Symptoms?

The symptoms of a fractured hand can vary depending on the location, type, and severity of the fracture. Some of the common symptoms can include:

  • Swelling
  • Deformity
  • Loss of Movement in the Fingers
  • Sensitive to the Touch
  • Depressed Knuckle
  • Loss of Finger Length

How are Hand Fractures Treated?

A lot of the time, hand fractures will not require surgery. In J.J. Redick’s case, the doctors had decided that surgery would not be necessary to achieve a full recovery in his hand. The bones in his hand are able to be realigned through direct manipulation without the need for surgery. One of the most important attributes of this non-surgical treatment is the cast or brace that is used to help immobilize the hand and allow the bones to heal in place. This cast will commonly span from the wrist and towards the elbow to ensure that the bones will maintain their positioning. The cast is typically worn for up to six weeks, but can vary depending on the individual case. Mild hand exercises as a part of the healing process are usually commenced around the third week. After the cast is removed, rehabilitative exercises are continued until the patient regains full use of the hand.

Some cases require that the bones are surgically set and stabilized. These types of cases are usually quite severe and are the result of a devastating crush that may have forced the bones through the skin. The orthopedic surgeon will utilize a series of plates, wires, or screws to reconstruct the broken hand and hold the fractured pieces in place. The hand surgeons at Hand Surgery Center of Excellence are extremely skilled with these types of procedures.

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