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Hand Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles Testimonials

Our expert hand surgeons are always humbled to hear from patients about how a procedure has impacted their life in a positive way through patient hand surgery testimonials. We hope you will find the below testimonials encouraging to remind you that there is hope! Please call our center today to schedule a consultation with a hand surgeon and be on your way to recovery.

Below are some hand surgery reviews from our happy patients!


“You have totally changed my daughter’s life. She is a new person after her surgery. Thank you.”

— Mother of R.S.

“Pain free and easy! And my doctor listened to me when I explained where to find a vein because I have a tough situation.”


“The La Peer Health Systems Surgery Center is great. The facilities are state-of-the-art and are truly the best I have ever been to. It was very relaxing preparing for my surgery knowing I was headed to such a great facility. I highly recommend La Peer to friends and will be coming back here if need another surgery in the future.”

— Jessica

“Everyone at this surgical center was in great spirits – keep up the positive outlook! As a patient it made me feel better just being around all of them!”

— Bryant

“I felt myself to be in good professional hands, and my optimal recovery confirms that perception.”

— Oliver

“The anesthesiologist made me feel incredibly comfortable! He told me what to expect and was very kind to me while I was on the table about to go under.”

— Fox

“My entire experience was much better than any I’ve had before. The staff was great and while I don’t necessarily look forward to my next procedure, I do look forward to the experience at La Peer.”

— Powell

“Keep doing what you are doing. Everything was great. I was scared and your facility made me feel so comfortable. Thanks for everything.”

— Pinky

“This guy is awesome. Great bedside manner and he is exceptionally well trained. Have referred many of my friends to him for plastic surgery and they are all extremely pleased.”

— Anonymous (

“Every person I encountered at La Peer was so helpful and kind, from the front desk to the pre-op, surgical, and post-op nurses. I couldn’t have been happier with my experience.”

— Kelly

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else in the future!”

— Alfred

“Dr. Patel  implanted a wonderful new knee on  july 5.  Before the operation I had great difficulty walking even a few steps as my arthritic knee had progressively become mu;ch worse.

I thought that perhaps I was too old to get a knee replacement, but Dr. Patel assured me that one’s state of health is more important than age.  He was very encouraging and allayed all my fears.  I shall be everlastingly  grateful to him for giving me back the ability to walk as much as I want…to go up and down stairs…and to enjoy my life.    By the way , I am 91.”

  Renee Lamkie

“Dr. Patel is an excellent orthopedic surgeon.  Each time I’ve seen him, he’s been able to diagnose my problem immediately .  I first saw him in 2009 for what turned out to be an inflamed bursa in my shoulder.  He told me to take Aleve (along with very clearly telling me to take it with a meal and to drink PLENTY of water) and gave me a prescription for physical therapy.  The terrible pain and immobility I was suffering vanished completely within six weeks.  Then just over a week ago, he performed arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus in my knee and within two days, I was able to walk a mile with NO pain.

As for the reviewer Diana M., it does seem as though the low-star rating was as a result of trying to be as non-invasive as possible, which is completely understandable and which, in the case of my torn meniscus, I was trying to avoid as well.  But, sometimes our bodies just need good old Western style surgery and, if that’s the case, Dr. Patel is absolutely TOP NOTCH!  And, he is caring, patient, and kind.  We’re lucky in LA to have some of the finest surgeons in the world.  Dr. Patel is one of them.”

— Partick M.

“I appreciated Dr. Patel’s professionalism and his personal approach.  Everything went smoothly.  He always took the time to explain the procedures and answer my questions.  After my first conversation with him, I knew I had the right doctor!”

— Chuck K.

“We saw Dr. Weiss for my 2 y.o.’s broken arm in December 2012 . He was fantastic with her and was very descriptive and willing to part with tons of information, which can be very comforting when your child is hurt.

Three months later, my daughter fell off a chair (she is clearly clumsy and this comes from my wife’s blood line I’m guessing) and this happened on a Saturday morning. I called his office and explained the situation to his answering service. In the meantime we began driving to Children’s Hospital.

While waiting in the hospital, Dr. Weiss called 20 minutes later and was clearly in his car with his wife and children. I told him what had happened and he told me to immediately leave the hospital and meet him at his office in Beverly Hills. We did.

We arrived before him and when the elevator opened he and his 7 y.o. daughter greeted us with a stuffed animal. It was pretty amazing.

He took x-rays and she had indeed broken her elbow. Dr. Weiss showed me the x-rays and explained in detail how it broke and what needed to be done to re-set the bone. He res-set it with my daughter sitting on my wife’s lap which was not easy for anyone. He then applied a splint.

Dr. Weiss then took another x-ray to show us exactly what resetting the bone had
done. It was pretty comforting to see the difference he had made. Had we remained at Children’s we most likely would have been there all day and probably would have ended up with pins in our daughters elbow.

Dr. Weiss is an absolute professional and I couldn’t recommend a doctor more highly…”

— Chad J.

“Andrew Weiss is AH-MAZE-ING. If you are lucky enough to get in, you are in great hands.

I stumbled into this office by mistake. Long story, but I’m convinced it was fate. Everyone was super nice from the nurses to the receptionists.

Dr Weiss has an amazing bedside manner, is knowledgeable, and attentive.”

— I.L.


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