HVO-Hand-Surgery-center-of-excellence-los-angelesAt the Hand Surgery Center of Excellence, we aim to provide the highest quality of care for our patients and to promote public awareness of the therapeutic options available for debilitating hand conditions. To accomplish this goal, our doctors support the Health Volunteers Overseas, a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the availability and quality of health care in developing countries through the training and education of local health care providers.

Health Volunteers Overseas

The Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) organization was founded in 1986 with the vision to become a global leader in the development and implementation of educational programs in developing countries. With the help of countless health care providers, private corporations, and independent members of the community, HVO has turned this dream into a reality.

Currently, HVO conducts over 80 clinical education programs in 25 developing countries, spanning Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. These specialty programs provide comprehensive training and guidance in nearly all aspects of health care, including emergency medicine, dermatology, oncology, orthopedics, oral health, pediatrics, anesthesia, and hand surgery.

The Hand Surgery program developed by HVO recruits highly-trained orthopedic and plastic surgeons to volunteer on short-term assignments around the world. These volunteer hand surgeons conduct lectures, augment training of local doctors, residents, and students, and perform various hand procedures to teach the most advanced and safest surgical techniques.

By empowering local health care workers to serve their communities with the most effective means of health care, HVO creates sustainable programs that will continue to improve access to quality care for the neediest populations.

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How to Get Involved in Our Humanitarian Efforts

Health Volunteers Overseas would not run nearly as smoothly without the donation of time and resources from countless individuals. There are numerous ways to get involved,

For more information on Health Volunteers Overseas or to learn more about how you get involved, contact our Los Angeles office.

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