Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel - Carpal Tunnel Test in Los AngelesCarpal tunnel or carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a condition in which the median nerve in your wrist is irritated. The median nerve runs through the center of the carpal tunnel, an arrangement of bones and ligaments at the base of your hand, and gives sensation to the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers. Already a tight space to begin with, any swelling or compression that causes compression of the median nerve can cause painful symptoms associated with carpal tunnel.

The Hand Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles offers a team of renowned surgeons experienced in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Our surgeons utilize state-of-the-art facilities and are committed to providing patient-specific care.

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Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel

Compression of the median nerve can affect the wrist, hand, fingers, and even the forearm. People with carpal tunnel syndrome may experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain or burning sensation in the hand and fingers
  • Numbness or tingling in the hand and fingers
  • Swelling of the hand or wrist
  • Weakness or loss of muscle function, particularly with fine motor movements

Symptoms of carpal tunnel typically worsen throughout the night and increase with activity of the hands, wrist, or forearm. If you are experience any of these symptoms, you should contact one of our expert hand specialists, who can perform a carpal tunnel test to see if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. Depending on the cause and severity of your CTS, the Hand Surgery Center of Excellence offers a variety of non-surgical therapy and advanced surgical procedures to provide optimal relief from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Types of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is classified as either acute or chronic. Acute CTS typically occurs due to trauma such as a hand fracture. Treatment for the traumatic injury often reduces symptoms of acute carpal tunnel syndrome, though additional surgical correction is sometimes necessary.

Chronic carpal tunnel syndrome is a much more common condition seen by our team of surgeons at the Hand Surgery Center of Excellence. Chronic carpal tunnel takes time to develop and may be caused by a variety of factors. People with chronic CTS usually have intermittent pain that is responsive to conservative care. In more severe cases, carpal tunnel causes numbness and loss of muscle sensation or function, often requiring surgical intervention.

Our surgeons are dedicated to the comprehensive care of both acute and chronic carpal tunnel syndrome. Whether through surgery or more conservative therapy, we make it our priority to provide the most effective treatment options, help your recover from carpal tunnel so as to achieve exceptional patient outcomes.

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