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Do I Need Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Do you experience frequent numbness or tingling in your thumb and fingers? Do you have hand and wrist pain or loss of grip strength? If so, you may suffer from Carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a type of entrapment neuropathy. This means it’s caused by damage to the nerves due to pressure 
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Nonsurgical Treatments for Trigger Finger in Diabetics

Medical researchers recently revealed their findings regarding the success rate of nonsurgical treatment options for trigger finger. When comparing corticosteroid injection treatment against percutaneous trigger finger release, doctors found a higher success rate in patients who underwent the percutaneous trigger finger release procedure.  For diabetics, who can be more likely to develop trigger finger than 
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Los Angeles Clippers Star J.J. Redick Fractures Hand

NBA player J.J. Redick, guard for the Los Angeles Clippers recently fractured his hand in a game against the Sacramento Kings. The original timetable for Redick’s return was 6-8 weeks, putting him at a mid-February return. But now the hand experts that are providing his treatment are saying they can have him back on the 
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Hand Fracture Injuries on the Rise

An article published by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on August 6, 2013, detailed several potentially serious hand injuries sustained by UGA linebackers over the span of just a few days. The board-certified hand surgeons at La Peer hope that this development raises attention for hand fracture injuries and encourages patients to seek treatment quickly. When you suffer a hand 
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4 Tips to Relieve Carpal Tunnel Pain

Imagine this scenario: It’s Monday morning, and you’re sitting at your desk, ready to start the work-week. You have 25 emails to return and three reports demanding your attention. Unfortunately, your hands hurt too much to touch the keyboard. If this situation sounds familiar, you may be suffering from the painful, inconvenient condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. 
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Are Tech Devices Ruining Your Hands?

People protest that tech devices like iPhones and blackberries ruin family dinners and dates, but what about your hands? A recent LiveScience article suggests that our favorite pieces of technology may be causing serious injury to our fingers and hands. Because abandoning these high-tech means of communication is not an option for most of us, 
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How Long Is Trigger Finger Surgery Recovery?

At the Hand Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles, where trigger finger surgery is done on an outpatient basis and patients able to go home following the procedure, most people experience instantaneous relief. For the average patient, trigger finger recovery after surgery takes about 6 weeks, though it can vary from patient to patient. 
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Typing, Texting, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In this digital age, there’s been a shift away from verbal communication in favor of the written word. But since this “written” word is either typed or text messaged, people who are always linked in to their technology may be at a higher risk for developing a repetitive stress injury, which occurs when there is 
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What to Expect From Trigger Finger Surgery

Do you find that one of one or several of your fingers get caught or even stay in a bent position? If so, you may be suffering from a highly treatable condition known as trigger finger. Trigger finger is a result of inflammation and compression of the tendons that allow you to bend and extend 
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If Your Finger is Catching You Might have Trigger Finger

Do you often experience a painful catching or popping sensation when straightening your finger from a bent position? If so, your discomfort may be due to a condition called trigger finger. Fortunately, trigger finger is highly treatable with the proper care and expertise. At the Hand Surgery Center of Excellence in Beverly Hills, our renowned 
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